What if you got what you really wanted? 

That you really did live the life you dreamed for yourself?

It all begins with listening to the Whispers of your Heart.

Then everything changes.


Today, we are truly fortunate to be able to share in a global community. It is through just such community that we found each other across the wide Pacific Ocean. Now, we are living the life and dreams we created together, and continue to create. Walking, making images, traveling. Loving.
And all of this by listening . . . to our soul’s language, to our heart’s messages.
Every single day. 

This course is about Listening. Listening to the whispers of your heart.
This is an invitation to hear. 
We listened. 
And we heard.
This is what we created together.

You can do the same.


Join us for this two week voyage into listening, and learning to recognise the language spoken by your heart, by your soul, by the universe. This form of language and this quality of listening are innate - every one of us has this ability. When you truly listen, something entirely new and fresh can arise, that makes your heart sing.

Over ten days we will be sharing prompts in words, images, and videos with you. Prompts that invite you to play and cultivate your own unique style of listening.
We will be exploring topics like these and more.
   - What is the language of the soul?
   - What is the conversation your own heart is initiating?
   - And, what will you create from this soul language, from this heart conversation?

Each day you will receive a heart inspiring email from us. Your daily prompts will include musings, questions, and photographic images. We'll also treat you to a light-hearted video of us chatting playfully about the day’s topic.
You will be invited to process and play with these ideas, and then add your voice to the discussion through your own photographs and words, in a private Group Page on Facebook.


The value of your sharing and participation cannot be over-estimated. 
Your participation is how you witness and engage within your community.
It is how you receive and offer support and encouragement from one another.

A little about your two Guides

From Narelle; I've been making images for about 35 years. For me, the process has always been about capturing the thing I see in front of me that makes my heart ring. The, "Look at that!" I made my first images walking in the surrounding bushland of my native Sydney and in its Blue Mountains, then, across the valleys, rivers, seas, fiords and alps of Europe, Scandinavia and the British Isles. What this process has become over the years, is one of making images that sing the connection of the body and the landscape. Body. Land. One. They are intimately connected. And my heart still rings. 

From Glen; I have been a dedicated Fine Art photographer for over 40 years. The first 30 years were spent with view cameras, sheet film, and long hours in the darkroom. All of this film experience continues to inform my daily practice of photography, most of which today is done with the camera in my iPhone. From the beginning, Portraiture and the Still Life have been the two dominant themes in my work. Though today, with my new nomadic lifestyle, the landscape has captured my imagination and vision like never before.


Heart Whispers begins on November 6th and runs through November 17th

The cost is just $50 US.

You will receive a confirmation email from Fig & Agave after we receive your payment.
We would love to have you join us. Come with your sense of play, of curiosity, of deep listening.

Much Love to All,
Narelle and Glen

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