Body Land Portraiture


When we are in deep communion with ourselves, present in our bodies and our environment, we know who we are. We breathe, and we fill our own skin. When we come into deeply felt prayer of Place, in movement, in yoga, in simple repose, our Spirit knows itself. And we are Home.

Imagine capturing that moment in a potent image of embodiment. One you could have on your wall, or your altar. A touchstone, a reminder of your magnificence and your beauty. Imagine how that would hold you.

Nomadic Naturalist Images

Naturalists are generalists, in love with, and intensely curious about, the natural world. Ours is a story of shared awe, wonder and constant surprise, at what we find around us, at what we are immersed in, as we walk. Ours is also a love story; two souls, speaking the same visual and experiential language. As amateur, (meaning 'a lover of'), naturalists, we travel the tides of our beautiful planet, hearts and lenses wide open. What makes this journey complete is sharing our vision, our words, with Others - with you. This is community . . . we're so grateful you're here.