The first week in January this year found Narelle and I meeting, for our first time ever, in Honolulu. It seemed a fitting place, as it is nearly halfway between Brisbane and Santa Fe. In fact our travel times were virtually identical. It was also a lovely midpoint between the two extreme climates we had both inhabited for many years.

After almost a week in the big city, at a wonderful Asian inspired Airbnb, we were fortunate to find a very sweet Uber driver willing to take us across the island to the North Shore of Oahu. Our beach life began with a couple of short Airbnb stays, until we found a small studio at Waimea Bay. This will be our home until the end of March, when we pack up and head for Waiheke Island off the New Zealand coast.

Stay tuned to our new Blog for updates on our ongoing adventures. And thanks for joining us on our journey. To wide open lenses, and wide open hearts. Waimea Bay - 1 February 17