Oahu Still Life - Part Two

Tropical Treasures

In an earlier post I wrote of the lovely treasures found on the the beach. Today I am moving inland, to share examples of the awesome tropical flora I have discovered on our daily walks, to and from the beach.

Many of the best specimens are found along the bike and walking path that parallels Kamehameha Highway, that runs along the North Shore. Most of these plants receive some human attention, as they decorate the space between the path and the beach front homes. 

This last image of the Agave stalk is right along the highway itself, between Waimea Bay and the local Foodland market. Passing this way often, I have been amazed at its rapid growth. Ten days before this close up was taken it stood about five feet tall. On the rainy day of this image, it had jumped to nearly nine feet. Being used to the slow growth rate of the desert, I find this truly phenomenal.