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A lot is happening for Narelle and I here at Fig & Agave. Maybe it is the eclipse season we are experiencing. Maybe it is the air we are breathing here on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Perhaps we are approaching critical mass, as the loving and creative collaboration we embody every single day. In the end, I'm not so sure the 'why' even matters. What does matter is we feel and express always from this loving space we inhabit together. And the exciting part is the momentum that is growing and gathering daily.

Our creative collaboration is playing out on several fronts. We are currently working on two major writing projects. One is, Our Story, a memoir of how our love and travels came to be. There is also a photo book, Four Months - Three Islands, that is a record of our early nomadic, naturalist wanderings. Our online photo e-course, "Seeing with Fresh Eyes" begins August 21st. And Narelle will be launching her online course, "Movement Monastery" in late September. And there's more.

In early September our two months here on Waiheke Island will come to a close. It's then back to Australia for three months at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast. We will continue writing, photographing, and walking on the beach every day. Narelle will also be offering her "Yoga on the Move" private yoga sessions. Glen will continue his Photo-Mentoring sessions with clients online. 

There are also exciting plans in the works for 2018! The beginning of the year will find us in Hawaii, putting the finishing touches on our memoir. We will then be in Europe for an extended stay. We are in the process of scheduling workshops and retreats. Narelle will be leading workshops in both Yoga for Scoliosis & Back Care, and Dance & Movement Improvisation. Glen will be documenting these workshops and offering Yoga and Dance Portraiture. Together we will be leading Photography Workshops, and our new Creative Couples Retreats.

Wow! And to think this all started last January in Honolulu! Life can be amazing when you live out of one suitcase without a permanent address. It all started by saying "Yes" to Love. Then dreaming and trusting completely, that the next step will always appear. And it does, always. 

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All images from Oneroa Beach and Palm Beach on Waiheke Island, NZ.


Seeing with Fresh Eyes - Our New Photo e-Course

Fig & Agave is excited to announce our new photography e-course, “Seeing with Fresh Eyes” that Glen has created. This new offering will run from August 21st through September 1st.

Why This Course
We all have a tendency to fall into habits and ruts when it comes to our photography. When our shutters are on auto pilot, we just keep doing things the same way. This new e-course, "Seeing with Fresh Eyes" will present you with a number of ways to both 'see' and make images differently. You will be introduced to new techniques and aesthetic choices that will give your photos a fresh look, and offer you fun new perspectives for creating them. 

About This Course
Over the ten days of this course we will cover topics including; framing and composition, subject selection, black and white versus color, simple digital editing techniques based on traditional darkroom controls, zooming versus moving closer, and the advantages of using one camera and one lens. We will discuss questions like; what do you want to communicate, what is the subject of an image, and when is a series more powerful than a single image. 

Who Is It For
This e-course is for thoughtful photographers of any skill level who are looking for some fresh inspiration to enhance their images and photography practice. All cameras are welcome. This is not a technical course and not about the latest camera gear. 

How It Works
Each day you will receive an email that includes a short video discussing the day's topic. There will also be some examples and suggestions for your consideration. We will have a private Facebook group page for sharing your images, thoughts, and questions about the daily topic. Your questions will be answered and feedback offered here as well. This course is also about creating a community, and all are encouraged to participate. You can also use the hashtag, #seeingwithfresheyes when posting on Instagram. 

Course Creator
Glen has been a dedicated Fine Art photographer for over 40 years. The first 30 years were spent with view cameras, sheet film, and long hours in the darkroom. All of this film experience continues to inform his daily practice of photography, most of which today is done with the camera in his iPhone. In this course he will talk about how the iPhone is similar to the 35mm camera with a 50mm lens so many photographers cut their teeth on. 

"Seeing with Fresh Eyes" will begin on Monday, August 21st and run through Friday, September 1st. The cost is $50 and payable via PayPal at the link below. After receiving your payment you will receive an email confirmation and you will be added to our Facebook group. If we are not already Facebook friends, please send a 'friend request' to Glen McKerrihan. 

Thanks so much for considering this new e-course. We look forward to seeing you in "Seeing with Fresh Eyes" later this month. 



Hemispherical Notes - Seasonal Deprivation

I am sitting here at the table, in our sun drenched home on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. And I’m feeling the long term effects of “seasonal deprivation.” According to my Google search, there is no such thing. Yes, there are seasonal disorders pertaining to lack of adequate sunlight and similar things, but I’m talking about something different. 

Low Tide - Oneroa Beach

I’m talking about missing out on entire seasons. And it’s all about this Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere thing. I’ve been in the Southern Hemisphere going on five months now. It will be another three months before I cross the Equator once again. 

Last September I experienced the Autumn Equinox in Santa Fe, and the days began to get shorter one by one. Then came December and the beginning of winter. I left for Hawaii the first week in January and felt the days slowly getting longer during the glorious tropical winter. Ten days after we experienced the Spring Equinox at Waimea Bay, we flew here to Waiheke Island where alas, Autumn had just begun. Ten days later it was onto Tasmania where the latitude is the southern equivalent of Oregon, and the days were getting shorter, again. 

Today it is mid-winter and the days are growing longer by fractions of an inch. We will be back in Australia shortly before the Equinox, when Spring will begin once more. On the Sunshine Coast, the longer days of sunshine will be welcomed and celebrated. We will stay until early December, when my three month visa expires. 

Then we will move on once again, back to Hawaii or perhaps Mexico. Yes, back to the Northern Hemisphere, where Winter will soon begin again. And yes, it will be warm during those short Winter days. And yes, by then I will be aching for a big dose of long, long, Summer days.



A Return to Waiheke Island, and a Return to Our Blog

Yes, this is the first blog post written here since we left Waimea Bay at the end of March. Yes, we agreed to take a break from our Blog as we focused on our travels. And no, we didn’t expect it to last three months, but it did. So what happened to Spring, in the Northern Hemisphere, or as we call it here in the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn. Read on and I will fill you in.


                                              Oneroa Beach on Waiheke Island

                                              Oneroa Beach on Waiheke Island

On the 31st of March we flew to Waiheke Island in New Zealand. It was our ten day transition time to the Southern Hemisphere, so I could get used to my blood running backwards. Narelle also taught a yoga workshop during our visit. We both fell in love with the island for many reasons.

                                 Penguin Beach on the northern coast of Tasmania

                                 Penguin Beach on the northern coast of Tasmania

It was then on to Tasmania for five weeks. We had the great good fortune to house-sit for friends in the little town of Penguin on the northern shore. Once again we fell in love with another island. We noticed there seems to be a theme running here, so we listened closely. The result is a new photo book project called, Four Months - Three Islands. Watch for more details to come here on the Blog.

                                   Walking along the Brisbane River near New Farm

                                   Walking along the Brisbane River near New Farm

Then it was on to Brisbane for a ten day re-group as we prepared for a month of house-sitting in Sydney. We saw friends and family in Brisbane, did a bit of sightseeing, and stayed in a wonderful Airbnb in Bulimba. 

                         Riding the train to the Circular Quay and the Market at The Rocks

                         Riding the train to the Circular Quay and the Market at The Rocks

Our time in Sydney was a bit of a mixed bag. Our home was without Wifi, so we were at the local library almost daily. We created a Sunday tradition of riding the train to the Circular Quay and exploring the areas surrounding the harbour. We made weekly day trips to the local beaches to get our toes back in the sand. We were grateful to visit the Manly, Narrabeen, Coogee, Bondi, Palm Beach, Avalon, and Dee Why Beaches. Narelle shared her stories of growing up at Coogee and we revisited the rock pool where she learned to swim.

                             The rock pool at Coogee where Narelle learned to Swim

                             The rock pool at Coogee where Narelle learned to Swim

                                        Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast

                                        Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast

We then drove north spending a night in Port Macquarie, and two nightsat Byron Bay before making our way to Brisbane. We then continued northward to the Sunshine Coast, were we stayed for nearly ten days. The weather was warm and the squeaky white sand was a delight under our feet. We also made arrangements to return in September for a three month extended stay.

                                          Palm Beach near our Waiheke Island home

                                          Palm Beach near our Waiheke Island home

We flew to Auckland and caught the ferry back to Waiheke Island, where I am writing this post. We are here for the next two months living in a wonderful home that is a ten minute walk from the beach. The past three months have been very good to us and we have used our time well, deepening our love and affection for one another. We are ready to return to our work of making images and writing. There are multiple new projects on the table in front of us, and we are excited about all of them. You will hear of all the details as they emerge here on the blog and on our Facebook pages.

We are living the life of our dreams and are excited to share it all with you.

- Glen