Seeing with Fresh Eyes - Our New Photo e-Course

Fig & Agave is excited to announce our new photography e-course, “Seeing with Fresh Eyes” that Glen has created. This new offering will run from August 21st through September 1st.

Why This Course
We all have a tendency to fall into habits and ruts when it comes to our photography. When our shutters are on auto pilot, we just keep doing things the same way. This new e-course, "Seeing with Fresh Eyes" will present you with a number of ways to both 'see' and make images differently. You will be introduced to new techniques and aesthetic choices that will give your photos a fresh look, and offer you fun new perspectives for creating them. 

About This Course
Over the ten days of this course we will cover topics including; framing and composition, subject selection, black and white versus color, simple digital editing techniques based on traditional darkroom controls, zooming versus moving closer, and the advantages of using one camera and one lens. We will discuss questions like; what do you want to communicate, what is the subject of an image, and when is a series more powerful than a single image. 

Who Is It For
This e-course is for thoughtful photographers of any skill level who are looking for some fresh inspiration to enhance their images and photography practice. All cameras are welcome. This is not a technical course and not about the latest camera gear. 

How It Works
Each day you will receive an email that includes a short video discussing the day's topic. There will also be some examples and suggestions for your consideration. We will have a private Facebook group page for sharing your images, thoughts, and questions about the daily topic. Your questions will be answered and feedback offered here as well. This course is also about creating a community, and all are encouraged to participate. You can also use the hashtag, #seeingwithfresheyes when posting on Instagram. 

Course Creator
Glen has been a dedicated Fine Art photographer for over 40 years. The first 30 years were spent with view cameras, sheet film, and long hours in the darkroom. All of this film experience continues to inform his daily practice of photography, most of which today is done with the camera in his iPhone. In this course he will talk about how the iPhone is similar to the 35mm camera with a 50mm lens so many photographers cut their teeth on. 

"Seeing with Fresh Eyes" will begin on Monday, August 21st and run through Friday, September 1st. The cost is $50 and payable via PayPal at the link below. After receiving your payment you will receive an email confirmation and you will be added to our Facebook group. If we are not already Facebook friends, please send a 'friend request' to Glen McKerrihan. 

Thanks so much for considering this new e-course. We look forward to seeing you in "Seeing with Fresh Eyes" later this month.